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Review: Crucifying Morality by R. W. Glenn

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: R. W. Glenn
Publisher: Shepherd Press
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Reading Level: Easy

R. W. Glenn offers a Christ-centered look at the Beattitudes. Crucifying Morality runs from moralizing and pants after Christ. Glen sums up the central thesis of the book,
Think of the Beattitudes as a gospel litmus test. They show you how much (or how little) your faith is in the gospel of grace. (p. 17 see p. 53)
This is repeated multiples times in the book. So instead of reading the Beattitudes as a to-do list (“no imperatives whatsoever” p. 16), he reads it in light of what Christ has done for us.
Seek Jesus. As  you see what it cost the heavenly Father to save you, you will see yourself as a bankrupt beyond words. . . . Who can take a posture of superiority at the foot of the cross? (p. 18 see p. 117)
Glen takes us phrase by phrase through the Beattitudes expounding the person and work of Jesus Christ and applying the gospel of grace to our hearts.

Glenn’s exposition gains steam as he progresses through the Beattitudes. The arguments build. The gospel looks more glorious. The glory of Christ shines more brightly--until the book ends with a pinpoint focus on Jesus Christ. He takes all the arguments, exposition, and application and focuses our attention on him who died for us.
The Beattitudes specifically assume that “blessed” people have come to the end of themselves. They realize that their own moral excellence won’t cut it. They can hardly believe that Jesus crucified morality as they know it when he died on the cross for their sins--for all the bad and all the good they ever did. And they rejoice at the grace that makes them so blessed. (p. 117)
Can I get an amen?

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