God’s Story, Our Part: Scripture Reading Plans 2013

Here’s my Scripture reading program for 2013. The reading is roughly chronological but New Testament readings are sprinkled throughout Old Testament readings. When doing this I’ve tried to pair New Testament books which will be helpful in shedding light on the Old Testament book it’s paired with. You’ll read about ten chapters a day with weekends off.

The goal is to complete the Bible twice in the calendar year (the epistles four times) with time built in for reflection, further study, or to catch up. I’m working on a children’s plan to correspond with the adult program which I will release as soon as I finish it. You can download the God’s Story, Our Part reading plan here (formats include PDF, Excel, and Numbers).

I have created a Facebook group for encouragement and discussion among those participating. You can use it as little or as much as you want.

Men’s Discipleship Matrix

I have found myself needing something for use in discipleship relationships more than once and have been hard pressed to find one that fit the need. So I created one that worked for me. Right now this tool is geared for use with married men. However, I plan on creating companion tools for use in other stages of life. These tools are all rooted in the understanding that the tool is means toward growth in grace, not a means for justification or self-righteousness. Here’s what I’ve written,
I, ________________________, understand that answering this questionnaire doesn’t place me in right standing with God. Only the blood of Jesus can justify and unite me with God. If I’m a child of God, nothing can separate me from his love. However, I am seeking to grow in grace and become more like Jesus. To that end, I understand this tool is a means to that end. Not the end itself. The same Spirit which changed my heart is the Spirit who empowers me to live a life that pleases the Father.

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