I was baptized a Roman Catholic and never stopped getting baptized in Baptist churches until I was eighteen. I learned a valuable lesson: if you’re willing to walk the aisle one more time, someone’s willing to baptize you one more time. Finally I realized I was an adopted son of God and fellow heir with Christ (Romans 8). All the water in the world wouldn’t do what the gospel had already done.

During college, I was set up on a blind date with a blonde haired and brown eyed girl from Kansas (she was a long way from home). I kissed her in the snow for the first time and married her after college. We realized shortly after getting married that we were both sinners. That almost ended badly. Thankfully the gospel not only makes people new, it make marriages new.

We now have a band of wild things (two bright eyed girls--I’m outnumbered). We enjoy singing, laughing, dancing, and making merry together. When the rabble-rousers are asleep, I enjoy watching a good movie with the blonde haired girl, reading, writing, or running. I also love an adventure in the woods. And I’m an Apple geek and foodie.


Grace for Sinners exists to make much of God through the power of the Holy Spirit by heralding the reign of King Jesus for the glory of the Father and the joy of all peoples. In short, we strive to make much of God for your joy!

Here’s how it got started. God opened my eyes to the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the previous years, I had experienced a deep struggle because of sin. As I was sharing my story with those around me, I noticed that others had experienced similar struggles. I wasn’t alone. That prompted, “Maybe there’s more of us out there?” I resurrected an old blog. I shared my story then waited. Slowly I heard from other people like myself--sinners, redeemed, and reformed by the blood of Christ. Grace for sinners.

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