Writing Project: A Household Gospel

I’m writing a book entitled A Household Gospel: Fulfilling the Great Commission in Our Homes. It will be a straightforward resource for families which will help them apply the truths of the gospel to family relationships. Cruciform discipleship for the family, if you will. I’ve completed a first draft and am looking for willing proof-readers, reviewers, and prayers. E-mail me if interested. My only hope for this book is that the Spirit will use whatever is good in it to strengthen families in the gospel and that whatever is chaff in it shall be quickly forgotten.

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Project TGM: “The Gospel & Criticism
“Men love not to be judged and censured.”

Richard Sibbes said that and I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys criticism. It could be criticism about your work, life, or your faith. It could be criticism from an unknown critic online or a loving family member. All of it is hard to swallow. We bristle when someone criticizes us because our hearts are still laced with the residue of sin.
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Gospel-Centered Discipleship: “The Daily Gospel: Discipling Yourself
The idea of discipling yourself may sound odd. In my church experience, I often saw discipleship as two people meeting together to talk about God. This approach to discipleship is so ingrained in our church culture that when I was talking about getting together with a guy from church for discipleship, my wife immediately asked “What book are you guys reading through together?”

One on one discipleship is wonderful. I enjoy the iron-sharpening-iron effects of this kind of discipleship. But we shouldn’t limit discipleship to this methodology alone.
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Gospel-Centered Discipleship: “Gospel Discipline
My oldest daughter is made in her father’s image. She has my personality - good and bad. Maybe that’s why I get frustrated so easily with her. My knee jerk reaction is to respond swiftly and often in anger. So much of what frustrates me is more about my own hurt pride than anything else.

We’ve all been in the store where the child is screaming - whether it’s your child or not. It’s easy as a parent to grit your teeth and smile and saying something like “When we get home, you’re gonna get it!” and rush out of the store.

However, it’s much harder but much more beneficial for parents and children to patiently and loving discipline while using that as opportunity to share the gospel with our children. What’s even more important is what we do in the days and weeks and months leading up to these incidents.Those moments will impact our response and the discipline we give out.
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Gospel-Centered Discipleship: “Gospel-Saturated Family Discipleship
My wife and I met in college, started dating, and never looked back. We were engaged my senior year and got married immediately after college. The biggest struggle in our marriage was discipleship.

What does family discipleship look like practically?

How can this be accomplished within the framework of two sinners living together in covenant?

Add kids into the mix and the question seems more complicated, right?
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Aquila Report: “Review: Kingdoms Apart: Engaging the Two Kingdoms Perspective
The Two Kingdoms doctrine asserts that God rules all human institutions and endeavors, but in two very distinct ways…God rules his church as Redeemer through Jesus Christ. Thus, the church is God’s “spiritual kingdom.” He also rules the state and all other social institutions outside the church. However, he rules this “civil kingdom” only as Creator and Preserver, and not as Redeemer.
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