Monday, August 05, 2013

How Do I Start Reviewing Books?

I recently had a few people ask, “How can I get started reviewing books?” You can do a quick google search and find some good collections of blogging for books programs, but I wanted to gather those all into one post for those who might want to read more and review those books.

I love books and free books are awesome, but don’t forget these reviews help the authors as well. As an author, you don’t want an empty review page on Amazon or other retailers. You want reviews to help those purchasing your book.

If you do decide to start reviewing books, my biggest piece of advice: read and review the books you receive in a timely fashion. Without further ado.

*Net Galley offers e-books only--mostly PDFs which can be downloaded and read via Adobe (or the like) or sent to Kindle. Some publishers set these e-books to expire, but most allow you to keep the digital copy.

One last note, you will find if you’re on time, fair, and consistent with your reviews, publishers, authors, and publicists will ask you to participate in their blog tours. I’ve received more than a few books in this manner. Get to know publishers, authors, and publicists on social media sites especially Twitter and let them know you’re excited about the books they’re working on. And don’t be afraid to ask for a review copy. Worst case they say no.

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