Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 Ways Jesus is Better than the First Adam

Below is a riff of tweets that started with Mark Driscoll’s followed by Bob Kellemen’s and ended with my tweet. But I sat and thought, “How else is Christ better than Adam?” And after sitting down and writing all the ways I could think of I asked you guys to join in. Here’s 20 way Christ is better the First Adam:
  1. “@PastorMark: Adam sinned at a tree; Jesus bore our sin on a tree. #identity #inChrist
  2. “@BobKellemen: @PastorMark Yes, and Adam said ‘My will be done’ in a garden; Jesus said ‘Thy will be done’ in a garden.
  3. “@GraceforSinners: @BobKellemen @pastormark Adam passed the blame whereas Christ took our blame, shame, and sin.
  4. Adam gave death as the head of humanity whereas Christ gave life to the new humanity.
  5. Adam broke the covenant of works whereas Christ fulfilled all covenants.
  6. Adam brought enmity between God and man whereas Christ brought peace through justification.
  7. Adam sinned in the garden whereas Christ sweat great drops of blood to fulfill the will of his Father.
  8. In Adam we became slaves; in Christ we have been adopted.
  9. Adam rejected his role as servant leader in his home, whereas Christ embraced the role of servant leader dying for his bride.
  10. Adam rejected God's sovereign rule in the garden, whereas Christ did nothing but the Father's will.
  11. Adam trailblazed a path towards death whereas Christ trailblazed a path towards eternal life.
  12. Adam died and awaits a future resurrection, whereas Christ died and rose again as our hope for our future resurrection.
  13. “@willieharris: @GraceForSinners Sin was imputed to us through #Adam and righteousness is imputed to us through #Christ.
  14. “@willieharris: @GraceForSinners #Adam represents us in the Fall, #Christ represents us on the Cross
  15. Adam was naked then clothed by God, whereas Jesus was clothed, died naked, and rose again robed in righteousness.
  16. “God operated on Adam removing his bride, whereas God operated on Christ uniting his bride within him forevermore.” Trina Lewis
  17. “@willieharris: @GraceForSinners #Adam failed his test in the Garden of Eden, #Christ passed his test in the Garden of Gethsemane
  18. “@willieharris: @GraceForSinners #Adam shifted the blame to his bride, #Christ takes the blame for His bride!
  19. Adam’s marriage to Even was disolved by death, whereas Christ’s marriage to his Bride became unbreakable through death and resurrection.
  20. Adam failed to keep the one command, whereas Christ kept every command on your behalf.
If you can think of anymore please leave them in the comment!


Bob Kuo said...

Adam in his fall mars the image of God in man while Christ in His ascent sends His Spirit who restores it.

Mathew Sims said...

That's great!

Aaron said...

Adam's protological priesthood in the garden was repeated through the patriarchs in a state if imperfection, typological of that of our Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, who will reign forever over an eternal Eden.

Aaron said...

73 Characters too many. :\

Mathew Sims said...

That's goodness. No character limit to that.