Culture Creators: An Interview with Matt Heerema

One of my favorite ongoing blog series is LifeHackers' How I Work. Simple questions about how people in a variety of workplaces get stuff done. As I read more and more of these, I kept thinking about wondering about creative people I know and what their answers might be. That got me thinking. Why not host an interview series at my own blog with Christians who are working with excellence, who I admire, and who do creative stuff? I was concerned about getting enough people to host a meaningful series, but the yeses kept rolling in. So here we are.

Who is Matt Heerema: Matt Heerema lives in Ames, Iowa and is a bi-vocational pastor and Web agency director, husband, father of four daughters, musician, and massive geek.  He serves with a team of six pastors at Stonebrook Church where he helps oversee corporate worship ministries (he can’t bring himself to say worship pastor, all pastors are worship pastors . . . ) and theological training. He owns and directs Mere Agency, and is very excited about their recent launch of MereChurch: effective Web sites for small churches and ministries. Matt is also working on a Master’s of Theology Degree through the Antioch School for Church Planting and Leadership Development. He posts occasionally on his blog at Find him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other places.

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