Grace for Sinners exists to make much of God through the power of the Holy Spirit by heralding the reign of King Jesus for the glory of the Father and the joy of all peoples.

What Can You Expect?

Mathew writes bi-weekly articles mainly through the lens of biblical theology as the unfolding story of the gospel in the person and work of Jesus Christ and examines the intersection of the gospel and our everyday life. Guest authors are also regularly featured. Every weekend the Grace for Sinners staff (below) also recommends books on a variety of subjects in hopes of saving you time and money by pointing you to the best resources available.

Meet the Review Staff

We have fun talking books, theology, and poking fun at our differences. Having a team allows us to highlight a variety of books, while still outputting high quality reviews.

Mathew B. Sims is the author of A Household Gospel: Fulfilling the Great Commission in Our Homes and a contributor for Make, Mature, Multiply. He completed over forty hours of seminary work at Geneva Reformed Seminary. He writes for CBMW Manual, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Borrowed Light, and other publications. He also works as the managing editor at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Mathew also offers freelance editing and book formatting.

He’s married to LeAnn Sims who blogs at The Modest Homestead. They have three daughters (Claire, Maddy, & Adele) who are joyful, mischievous, and full of wonder (he’s outnumbered if you’re counting). They enjoy having fun--romping in the woods, swimming, singing, reading, and traveling. When the rabble-rousers are asleep, he enjoys watching a good movie with his wife. He loves reading, the outdoors, and cooking good food. He also enjoys pairing a good cigar and coffee and running (for good measure). And he’s a prodigal Apple geek.

They are covenant members at Downtown Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Greenville, SC. If you have any questions about guest posting, book reviews, interviews, or anything else please email Mathew. He’d love to talk.

Joshua Torrey is a New Mexico boy in an Austin, TX world. He is husband to Alaina and father to Kenzie & Judah and spends his free time studying for the edification of his household. These studies include the intricacies of hockey, football, curling, beer, and theology. You can follow him @AustinPreterism and read his theological musings and running commentary of the Scriptures at The Torrey Gazette.


Jennifer Guo counts beans by day and eats books by night. She is passionate about the gospel and loves biblical and theological studies. She also loves the artsand is part of a performing arts ministry that uses a variety of mediums to communicate the gospel, God’s heart, and His design for sexuality, relationships, and marriage. Jennifer also loves running and cooking (and not because running allows her to eat more). You can follow her @JenniferGuo and read more of her thoughts at Jennifer Guo.

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