New Book: We Believe: Creeds, Confessions, & Catechisms for Worship

I have some exciting news. My next book will be releasing September 25, 2015. We Believe: Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms for Worship will be a straightforward resource for ordinary Christians wanting a handsome and easy to use volume with all the must have creeds, confessions, and catechisms for worship. The current structure is:

  • Foreword (Surprise Writer!)
  • Introduction by Mathew B. Sims
  • Chapter 1: The Catholic Creeds
    • Apostles' Creed
    • Nicene Creed
    • Athanasian Creed
  • Chapter 2: The Dutch Reformed Tradition
    • Belgic Confession
    • Heidelberg Catechisms
    • Canons of Dort
  • Chapter 3: The Scottish-English Tradition
    • Thomas Manton's Epistle to the Reader
    • The Westminster Confession
    • The Westminster Shorter Catechism
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Jason Garwood’s Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification Now Available

I’m excited to share this gospel rich resource with you. Jason Garwood is a pastor who loves God, loves the church, and loves the gospel. That seeps through the pages of Be Holy. From the back cover:

Inside Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification, Jason Garwood explores the terrain of sanctification in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. It’s saturated in Scripture and rooted in the church’s history of holiness—the ups and downs of growth and change in the Christian life. And at the center of Be Holy sits the reigning King Jesus and the work of the trinitarian God in the gospel. May God stir up your affections as you behold His glory and walk the path of sanctification.

Also, here are what a few of the earlier readers are saying.

In Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification, my friend Jason Garwood gives us a crisp and clear treatment of biblical holiness that will rock the illusion of self-righteousness. With biblical precision, he gives us simple, yet profound insights. Be Holy will serve as an indispensable teaching tool for many years to come. You may just have to rethink the way you view holiness altogether. Read it, teach it, preach it . . . often!

—Pastor Doug Logan, Jr., Lead Pastor & Founder of Epiphany Fellowship of Camden NJ.

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G4S Books: Jason Garwood’s Be Holy

Over the last month, I’ve been working with Jason Garwood (read what he’s written here, here, and here) on a new book project under the Grace for Sinners Book label called Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification. The last several years the church has had intramural dialogue about sanctification. I’ve seen the dialogue spread through out several traditions—Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutherans, non-denominational, etc.

It’s an important discussion and stems from common sense questions Christians have after being made alive by the power of the gospel. What happens next? How should I live? Is the gospel something that happened, but has little effect in the here and now?

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