Jesus is Better Than Identity in Anything Else

Online personality quizzes. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ve become part and parcel of Internet life. We’re used to them popping up on our newsfeeds, uncovering apparently profound revelations about our friends (or at least about how our friends spend their time):

  • “Which Downton Abbey character are you?"
  • “Which city should you actually live in?”
  • “Which Disney princess are you?”

And for all that they are just another bit of harmless internet fun. There’s also something about them that’s intriguing and attractive. We're drawn to the idea of defining ourselves, labelling ourselves, although of course we’ll happily not share a particular quiz's results if they don’t square so nicely with how we like to think of ourselves.

(Oh, and before you ask, I was Queen Elsa).

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