The Ultimate Kindle Giveaway: Buy a G4S Book; Enter for a FREE Kindle


Torrey Gazette and Grace for Sinners Books have joined forces for the ultimate giveaway. We are giving away a free Kindle. You heard that correctly. All you need to do is purchase one of these titles in any format and fill out the form below:

If we sell a combined 100 titles, we will give away one original Kindle; 200 titles combined, we will giveaway one Kindle Paperwhite; 300 titles combined, we will giveaway two Kindle Paperwhites. We will track the sales and keep you up-to-date on Twitter at @G4SBooks. The giveaway will run from Sunday night at 10:00PM EST to Mon Nov 30th at noon EST.


The Ultimate Kindle Giveaway Entry Form

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A Brief Survey
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