Monday, March 10, 2014

Borrowed Light Guest Post: “The Shame of Pornography and God’s Justification of Sinners”

Today I’m blogging at Mike Leake’s Borrowed Light. Mike and Tim Challies have been hosting a 31 Days of Purity for guys and I thought I might offer some encouragement to the guys who are doing this and others who may just be reading his blog. Without further ado.
“God knows I am worse than even the Accuser accuses. But still loves me as His own. Take my reputation. Give me Christ.” R. C. Sproul, Jr.

I recently watched Gary Wilson’s TED’s talk “The Great Porn Experiment.” In this talk, Wilson discusses the high stimulation impact pornography has had on men over the last decades. He discusses the correlative symptoms of pornography use like failure to perform in normal sexual relationships and depression. Immediately, it was a piece of a puzzle falling into place.

I’ve struggled with depression almost all of my life, but, as I thought back over the times when my back was really up against the wall, all of those periods were marked by heavy intake of pornography. During times where I wasn’t watching pornography, I was able to manage the depression much better. In my case, those times of freedom also coincided with high consumption of Scripture. It wasn’t me breaking free from those chains, but the Spirit working in me.
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