Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Into the Wild: A Household Gospel

Into the Wild
The time has drawn near. A Household Gospel will be released into the wild today. It’s a weight lifted and it also makes me anxious. I’ve learned a lot through this process and have made mistakes and have had people catch my mistakes (thanks Chad!). I have made an inordinate amount of minor tweaks to the book in the last two weeks (thanks Nick!). I joked with him that I was honoring Steve Jobs’s famous “One last thing...”

I hope this serves families in the church well. Without the gospel in our homes, our families will crumble. With the gospel, God will be made much of, sin will be repented of, joy will be had through all circumstances, and hope will be had in Jesus Christ.

A Few Brief Notes
First, if you buy a paperback copy (available next Tuesday), I will send you the book in all its digital formats (epub, mobi, and PDF) for FREE. Just email me the receipt to receive the digital copies.

Second, if you would please leave a review for the book at Amazon and on Goodreads. Good or bad. Long or short. Or just a rating. Tell me what you think.

Third, if you have questions about the book please email me.  I hope I conveyed my main point clearly, but I’m imperfect and this book isn’t exhaustive. It’s a water stop on your family’s marathon.

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Last, you can get your copy right now by visiting my book page or viewing options at the bottom of this post. Digital copies are available as mobi for Kindle and epub for iBook are $3.99 and PDF for $.99. A package with all digital formats is available for $5.99. Also, if you plan on buying multiple copies for a small group or bible study, for $20.00 you can receive all digital formats which can be shared with up to a dozen people. I pray this book serves families and churches well and points you to the hero of the gospel story.

How does the gospel transform your family? Do you find a continuity between the Old Testament command to rehearse the story of redemption from Egypt and the New Testament story of redemption from sin and God’s wrath?

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