Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Chicken McNuggets and the Gospel

I was rushing. I had driven home from work for dinner but ended up taking care of children and doing a couple of other small tasks. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t eaten until I got back in my car and started driving back to work.

It dawned on me about the time I saw that golden arch. I grabbed a 10 piece chicken nuggets and a carmel frappe. Requested the chipotle BBQ dipping sauce and started indulging. I should back up at this point. I’ve been using travel time to listen to Scripture. I’m in Leviticus.

So thoughtlessly I’m eating my chicken nuggets concentrating on the Scripture. All of a sudden I start feeling queasy. My stomach is turning. I’m eating and Moses is talking about wringing this bird’s neck, cutting this sheep’s throat and let the blood drain out, cutting the organs and fat out, burning these parts there, or placing the dung outside the camp.

The sacrificial system is a gory ordeal. If you want that experience I would recommend some fast food and the book of Leviticus. But it did get me thinking. These passage point to the necessary sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It should’ve tipped us off his death would be a bloody and messy affair. You wouldn’t want to eat while watching someone get beat then crucified. It should turn your stomach.

Often we thank God for the gospel but don’t consider the suffering and sacrifice, not only the physical but the spiritual suffering of being separated from the Father. This immense suffering. This infinite sacrifice was for you if you believe. Spend a few minutes today and just meditate on that. He’s the price of your sin. Nothing else would do.

Who would’ve known chicken McNuggets could’ve driven my mind towards Christ?


Aaron Youngren said...

Great meditation. Chicken McNuggets, who knew?

Mathew Sims said...

Right? And I have a stomach of steel so this was definitely unusual.