The Bacon Coalition

A coalition of online friends started a new blogging venture. This one is all about having fun and learning to laugh. The Bacon Coalition is a satire blog (think The Onion meets Christ and Pop Culture) whose mission is to “promote bacon-centered living for the next generation.” Here’s a little more about TBC,

We love Jesus and the Church, but also think you should be able to laugh at yourself. In fact, that kind of self awareness is a mark of a mature disciple. With that said, we aren’t out to get anyone (sorry TGC . . . . The Bacon Coalition sounds a lot cooler than The Bacon Alliance, or Bacon Liberate). We don’t have a secret agenda. We’re just a bunch of reformedish Christians who think sometimes Christian culture (including our own) does stuff that’s worth laughing at. Farewell.

Go ahead and add TBC to your favorite RSS reader. Who doesn’t want bacon-centered satire to lighten up the day? And check out our inaugural post “Bacon for Every Square Inch.”

I’ll be writing and editing. You can see a few of the post I’ve already published:


Mathew B. Sims is the author of A Household Gospel: Fulfilling the Great Commission in Our Homes and writes for CBMW Manual, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Borrowed Light, and other publications. He also works as the managing editor at Gospel-Centered Discipleship and offers freelance editing and book formatting services. He blogs at Grace for Sinners and The Bacon Coalition. His family is covenanted at Downtown Presbyterian Church.

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