Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Sexual Abuse: Beauty for Ashes by Robert W. Kellemen

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Robert W. Kellemen
Publisher: P&R Publishing
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Reading Level: Easy

Kellemen writes an approachable and gospel rich book addressing sexual abuse. Kellemen first makes an overarching statement for everything he’ll say--“[God] is Indispensable” (p. 7) and later, “So Satan loves to feed our distrust of God with betrayal by those who ought to be trustworthy” (p. 12). For those who have been sexually abused, he’s established the truth and the lie.

These foundations are explored through the story of Amnon and Tamar from 2 Samuel 13 paralleled with the counseling session of “Ashley” and “Nate.” We see the biblical narrative unfold and the growth of the gospel in the marriage of Ashley and Nate.

I love the biblical exposition. Pastors, I would encourage you to read this book with an eye to making your sermons more pastoral. Having an eye to applying the gospel as a counselor. Kellemen will demonstrate how this can be done well.

Those who are fighting despair, anger, or other emotions because of sexual abuse, I would encourage you to read with an open heart to God’s Word and find a biblical counselor you can trust to lead you to Jesus Christ for healing.

Those who are reading this book because a friend or family member has experienced sexual abuse and you’re unsure how to respond, Kellemen provides a good reminder,
One of the temptations we have as Bible-believing Chris- tians is to race in and tell God’s story before we’ve taken the time to listen to our suffering friend’s story. We earn the right to interact about God’s eternal story by first listening to our friend’s earthly story. (p. 22)
No matter who you are remember, “[T]hrough Christ we are accepted in the beloved” (p. 17).

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