All of Life Discipleship

Yesterday I wrote over at Joey Cochran’s blog. If he’s not on your blogger to-read, don’t miss out. He’s the church planting intern at Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, IL (near Chicago). I was privileged to spend time with him at Together for the Gospel. He’s a sharp thinker who loves God and His church. He takes a yearly sabbath from writing on his blog and asked for fill-in contributors. I wrote on “All of Life Discipleship.”

After Jesus rises from the dead, his first marching orders for the Church is to make disciples. He doesn’t break the mission of the church and Christians into neat categories like evangelism and discipleship. Where evangelism is something we do for the unbelievers and discipleship is something we do for the believers. Rather, all of life is discipleship.

When we rip these two apart, we miss the beauty of God in the mission. We miss the all encompassing focus the mission requires. In some peoples’s mind, evangelism is the thirty minutes we spend going door to door Thursday nights. Or the hour we spend passing out tracts downtown on Friday. Or maybe the forty-five minute airplane trip next to an unsuspecting stranger. Evangelism as is defined today fits into this neat box.

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