What’s Next? 2015

Well two-thousand and fourteen was a big year. I joined the team at Gospel-Centered Discipleship and CBMW. I also added two team members at Grace for Sinners. I went from reading at a break neck pace in two-thousand and twelve and thirteen to a more meandering pace in fourteen. My family also grew with the addition of Adele. This year was also the year of home improvements. I expect two-thousand and fifteen will hold as many, if not more, twists and turn. I’ve found that life is a river winding and speeding and rapiding. It’s full of adventure. It’s full of scenery. It’s full of surprises.

More of the Same—Only Better

I plan to continuing writing twice a week with weekend reviews. My own reading will continue to meander, but I do plan to review fewer new books. My attention to start the year will focus on books dedicated to the art of story in preparation for my next writing project.

Also, we will start the year with a new series Culture Creators: Excellence for the Glory of God. This series will be part profile, part interesting tid bits, and part interview. It will strive to introduce you to Christians who are cultivating and creating with excellence. I will run this series through out the year as long as there are interesting people who are willing to participate. Our first interview was with David Radford of The Gray Havens. I have commitments from:

I’ve made several more requests and will keep you updated as new interviewees are confirmed.

Patreon: Become a Patron

Grace for Sinners has always operated free for readers. I’m not a fan of pay walls for content. That’s not changing. This year we made serious improvements to Grace for Sinners including moving to Squarespace and paying for some services to make life easier like Buffer, PicMonkey, and Google Drive. All in the costs to run the blog are around $500/yr. I’m asking my readers to become patrons this year. The content is and always be free. However, if you appreciate what we do here and want to be part of the team consider becoming a patron via Patreon (see video below for details).

My goals for Patreon include $500 for blog maintenance and improvement, $250 for staff reviewers (won’t include me), and $2000 for the growth of G4S Books. We published Jason M. Garwood’s Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification this December and would love to publisher more books next year. $2000 would cover:

  • Two new titles ($250)
  • Fair pay for the creative work of graphic designers ($1,000)
  • Fair pay for another editorial eye ($500)
  • Adobe InDesign ($19.99/mo)

We ended two-thousand and fourteen with around 800 visitors. Meeting our overall goal of $2,750 would mean every visitor becoming a patron for $3.43/mo—less than the cost of your favorite Starbucks specialty drink. At $5/mo, we would need 550 patrons. At $10/mo, we would need just 225. You get the picture. I’ve tried to come up with some nifty rewards for becoming a patron. If you can think of something that you think would be interesting, please let me know.

Tentative Calendar

This year I plan on attending TGC 2015 National Conference and if they run it back Sojourn’s Word and Words Conference. If any of you plan on attending either of those, keep in touch. I would love to meet for coffee or food. I may also be visiting friends in CT for a week which may include stops in either Boston or NYC or both. Same goes for keeping in touch.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26