CBMW Guest Post: “Technology and Social Media for the Glory of God”

Monday I guest posted at the CBMW blog. I wrote the fifth piece in a series on Manhood and Technology. All the posts are excellent so check it out.

I work in an industry that thrives on technology and innovation. I have to know about the latest innovations in my field and be comfortable conversing about them. Daily I see all the opportunities and pitfalls of technology and social media. Seeing these, I’m convinced technology and social media must be used by Christians to glorify God. So here’s why I gave technology and social media a chance.

First, tech and social media provide unique opportunities for world missions. The Church’s mission is to teach and baptize peoples from all nations. As one example of the immense benefits of technology, in an article entitled “Tribal Technology,” John Dyer describes the immediate impact Apple’s innovations over the last decade plus have had on spreading the gospel in closed countries. Thousands of music files and ebooks can be stored on a single device or on a memory card. Gigabytes of biblical resources can be smuggled into countries with no detection.

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