Review: Phil Ryken’s Kingdom, Come!

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8 out of 10 Stars
Author: Phil Ryken
Publisher: Crossway
Reading Level: Leisure

Kingdom, Come! originated as a set of sermons preached at Wheaton College. There are still traces of the homiletic gold in the book, but it does well as a book too. Originating as a sermon tightened the focus of each chapter. The titles hone in on one specific point, stay focused through out, and build towards the end of the book. It’s a book you can easily read and follow along with. Ryken writes as a reminder and encouragement. He says, “‘Kingdom, Come!’ is the hope of every weary believer who waits for this tired world to come to its consummation” (12).

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Ryken’s message addresses problems in evangelical today. He contrasts the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of self. By presenting Christ’s kingdom as the kingdom, he shows we cannot serve both. He also points out that “the Bible generally does not talk about ‘creating’ or ‘advancing’ the kingdom of God. This is because establishing the kingdom is primarily something God does, not something we do” (43). It’s common to hear this kind of imprecise language today, but it’s better to understand God through the Spirit building the kingdom, rather than making the kingdom something we advance. There are ways we do participate within the kingdom of God, but it’s generally through proclaiming Jesus (89). Jesus rules the kingdom, God establishes the kingdom, and the Spirit builds the kingdom. We must not impose ourselves into the position of God.

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This is an excellent read for those wanting to learn more about the kingdom of God. It’s something you can pick up as a starter and read easily. He provides immediate application and concise summaries of this sometimes confusing doctrine.

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