The Resurrected Adam Reigns

My mind wanderers. I have a pretty vivid imagination. I regularly ask myself questions. Sound weird? Sometimes I do feel a little different, but that’s not bad. We could all do with a little more imagination and more question asking.

I found myself meditating on Psalms 2 and Matthew 28 and asking, “If God is sovereign and he always has been, why does Scripture emphasize the sovereignty of Jesus post resurrection?”

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Have you every thought about that? Seems redundant on first pass. Of course, Jesus has all authority and dominion He’s God. But there’s more to it and the details aren’t insignificant.

Once Jesus rises from the dead, he reigns at the right hand of the Father as a human until he returns at the end of the age. Jesus will not leave his throne until everything promised him comes to past. All nations will be taught to obey him and be baptized.

Also, Jesus sitting on that throne ensures your redemption is sealed. He is your heavenly advocate. He answers the absurd charges of the Accuser. “Guilty? Says who?” We are united with him forever.

That reality is also pictured through the work of our advocate the Holy Spirit who lives in us on earth. Just as Jesus advocates to the Father for us. The Spirit advocates to our hearts that we are Jesus’s. He is the hand of the King, as it were.

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The emphasis highlights Jesus Christ’s eternal reign as resurrected Adam, the first fruit, the trailblazer for all other humans to come. We are, as Paul says in Romans 8, co-heirs with Christ. That’s significant. That’s worth meditating on.

How does Jesus reign as the resurrected Adam provide hope? Is his humanity crucial in providing this hope?