Review: Peter Hubbard’s Love into Light

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Peter Hubbard
Website: Love into Light
Publisher: Ambassador International
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Reading Level: Liesure

Peter Hubbard writes winsomely and pastorally. You can feel he’s struggled with, loved, and cared for those who’ve come to him for care regarding their same sex attractions (SSA). He says,

The more I listened the more I learned, the more I realized--we are not different. We are the same. Our specific battles and sins may vary, but our hearts are the same. And our daily need for the grace of Jesus Christ is the same. (11)

He also tethers himself to the Scriptures as God’s Word and the truth God reveals about Jesus Christ in the gospel. Right off the bat, Peter delves into the gospel and how it should change the way we approach SSA. He corrects our tendency to speak of us and them, and instead talk just about us as image bearers who have fallen. If that’s the case, then the solution is the same for all of us. “The gospel of Jesus . . . is a death certificate that unfolds into a new birth certificate, providing us with a renewed identity!” (26). So the struggles we face are not uniquely heterosexual and homosexual. All sin strikes at our identity.

I also appreciated Peter readily admitting the why and how are complex. Often Christians are sloppy on this point. We want easy, clean lines, yet life in a fallen world is rarely simple. There’s almost always blurred lines. Recognizing this, would allow us to not shrink away if one day it was determined SSA was primarily biological. Things fall apart in a fallen world. As a he frequently does, Peter brings this approach back to God.

But here’s the good news: our cravings, with all their complexities, point beyond themselves. They are insatiable signposts directing us away from temporal relief. We need God to search our hearts. We need God to satisfy our hearts. (41)

Finally, outside of exploring the topic of SSA and homosexuality from a Biblical point of view, Peter urges us to bring SSA struggles into the light. Find a church family who will minister and love you through your struggles. Hand in hand, churches encourage open relationships with SSA strugglers. We do this by preaching the gospel fully and making application on this topic. Silence kills engagement. Church members who struggle with SSA must know the church is ready to love and encourage them to the gospel.

Love into Light is a book you can confidently share with your friends, family members, and churches. Peter isn’t a political pundit. He’s a pastor who loves the gospel and loves people. Those truths come across in the book. He doesn’t hide truth in the shadows, but brings the light of the gospel to bear on our hearts by focusing on our identity in Jesus Christ.

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