Review: David Murray’s Jesus on Every Page

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: David Murray
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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Reading Level: Easy

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Jesus on Every Page will draw your gaze to Jesus in all of Scripture. It’s a book all Christians will benefit from. The Old Testament can be daunting. The culture of the Near east and the sacrificial cultic is enough to confuse the best of us. David cuts through the fog and shines a light on our Savior.

He simplifies finding Jesus Christ in the Old Testament by offering sign markers you can follow as you search for Him in the Old Testament. Key to finding Him is understanding the covenant of grace. David soars here. For instance, he shows,

Redemption [in the Exodus] brought the Israelites into a relationship with God, which they were to respond to with grateful obedience. Rather than “obey and you will be brought into relationship with Me by a great redemption,” it was, “As you’ve been redeemed and brought into a relationship with Me, here are some rules to help you show your gratitude and keep our relationship happy and healthy.” And as if that wasn’t enough, God underlined it again in Exodus 20 when, just before giving the moral law, He said: “I am the Lord your God [relationship], who brought you out of the land of Egypt [redemption],” before saying, “you shall . . . you shall not.” Again, redemption and relationship come before rules to help express thankfulness. (30)

So the Old Testament isn’t heavy-handed law, and a smidgen of gospel. It’s all gospel. Israel is graciously redeemed from Egypt and brought into relationship with God. He then gives the law as a guide for living in gratitude, not as a means for entering into a relationship with Him.

One of my favorite chapters is “Christ’s Planet” where he explores Jesus’s person and work in creation. He shows the language of creation is the language of salvation. He shows how Jesus was active in creation and providence thereafter. Creation, therefore, is “the backdrop of the plan of redemption and as an integral part of it” (45). If we must establish Jesus on every page, we must establish Him on the first page.

David then move through the Old Testament showing how different genres, characters, and types point to Jesus. But he reminds us we’re not just tracing shadows because the pre-incarnate Christ was active in the Old Testament (81). He also tackles the ever controversial Song of Solomon. He asks one crucial question, “If the rest of Scripture is about Jesus, how the Song of Solomon not be?” In light of this, he dismisses out of hand the type of interpretation that dissects the imagery in the love poem like a frog. Song of Solomon’s meant to evoke strong emotions, not to be grammatical deconstructed. 

Jesus on Every Page is accessible. David provides tools for the average Christian to read the Old Testament with Christ in view. He brings the Old Testament alive. It’s a book I'll recommend for years to come and one which you can be confident in giving to believers in all stages of growth.

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