Review: Stephen J. Nichols’s Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Stephen J. Nichols
Publisher: Crossway
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Reading Level: Easy

Bonhoeffer was a delight to read. It’s my new favorite book in this series which is wonderful by the way. For me Bonhoeffer is such an intriguing character. He’s a modern day martyr. He stood face to face against evil. He also was a churchman. He loved the body of Christ. There’s also been a lot of conversation whether his theology was evangelical. The history, rich theology, debate, and end all make for one of the most interesting modern Christians to read about.

If you’ve never heard or read much about Bonhoeffer, this book is a great place to start. Nichols strikes a nice balance between exploring his theology (the main point of the book), but also fixing that within the context of his life. So you get just enough background to really whet your appetite. He ends by providing a helpful bibliography for further reading. It’s not exhaustive and overwhelming; it’s straightforward and helpful.

It was evident Bonhoeffer loved Jesus Christ. Jesus was central to Bonhoeffer’s theology and because of our union with Jesus the church was held in high esteem by Bonhoeffer as well. Nichols expounds Bonhoeffer’s theology as Christo-ecclesiology with an ethical (“love your neighbor”) focus (p. 53, 61). Bonhoeffer describes his own theology concisely when he says, “We are the church beneath the cross” (p. 56). At the foot of the cross, we steadfastly gaze upon our Savior. He shapes our churches.

If you love biography and theology, Bonhoeffer won’t let you down. If you love Jesus and his Church (or if you’re disillusioned with her), Bonhoeffer will show you what faith that has seen the risen Christ looks and acts like. The man Bonhoeffer will intrigue because we see so few genuine examples of faith in the crucible of life. Bonhoeffer will teach you how to live and die well.

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