Before You Stir Up Controversy

We all get tunnel vision. We have a doctrine that is particularly meaningful for us. We see anyone else who doesn’t value, express, and teach these in exactly the same way we do as combatants. David Powlison provides wisdom in this arena:

Controversy, even for good causes, tends to create tunnel vision and to breed ungodly attitudes. We make one mountain into a whole mountain range, or one molehill into a mountain. What we see, or think we see, consumes our minds. We lose sight of the mountain range, the context in which both mountain and molehill can be seen and weighed for what they are. We may be exactly right about our particular issue, but narrowed truth becomes unbalanced truth. It loses the ability to listen and be corrected. Narrowed truth becomes half-truth, and broadly false. Narrowed truth loses love and the redemptive modus operandi. As it does so, it becomes reactive error. It becomes increasingly distorted. It becomes a vehicle for interpersonal conflict and self-righteousness. 

David Powlison. Seeing with New Eyes (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2003), p. 32.