Pardon the Interruption

Luke 23:26 “And as they led him away, they seized one Simon of Cyrene, who was coming in from the country, and laid on him the cross, to carry it behind Jesus”

Luke doesn’t say whether Simon was watching the brutal Roman spectacle or if he was just passing through when “they seized” him. But we do know he wasn’t expecting to be seized, to carry this man’s cross. Cyrene is in modern day Libya, Africa. Simon may not have even known who this Jesus Christ was. All he knew was he “was coming in from the country” and “they seized” him. Pardon the interruption. 

Is it much different in our lives? We are coming from here. Going to there. We are living life. And God interrupts our life. We cross paths with the crucified and risen Jesus Christ and nothing is ever the same. God works in the inconveniences and interruptions. Remember Paul walking to Tarsus to kill Christians and wham stopped dead in his tracks. King Jesus drops him to his knees and asks, “What are you doing?”

Be alert as you live life. Prepare yourself for the interruptions. God is sovereign over all of it. Over the jerk in front of you driving ten miles under the speed limit. Over your child who is poking around and not moving as fast as you would like. Over the co-worker who won’t stop talking and makes you late. All of these are opportunities for “steadfastness” (James 1:3).

For us to move beyond these interruptions, to grow from them, and to be transformed more into the image of Christ, we must see them as God’s work through providence. We must learn apply the gospel to even the smallest situations.

God transforms through the ordinary choices, the daily living, and the mundane. So pardon the interruption.