Daddy’s Near! Not Why But Who

I posted a video yesterday afternoon of Britt Merrick’s sermon “When Sparrows Fall” a testimony to the nearness of God in the midst of suffering. I spent the rest of the day and am still ruminating on that sermon. Why does it seem God is nearest when we suffer? That message just set my heart longing for the last day when Jesus will make all sad things come untrue. All of creations groans for the day of redemption. Why don’t we groan together more often?

My oldest daughter Claire was around two and a half years old. I had bedtime duties and was preparing her for bed. We were having a good time laughing and bantering. I was getting ready to brush her teeth.  I would normally sit her on my lap and brush her teeth but for some reason I sat her on our porcelain sink. I pressed my abdomen against her back so that she couldn’t fall back. I was intentional.

But she tried to stand up and slipped sideways and my usually hardy grip let me down. Her arm slipped through my grip landing on the hard tiled floor. Right on the back of her head. She immediately cried out. Waling. Groaning. Uncontrollably.

My heart dropped. I felt horrible. I was immediately concerned that she might have a concussion or some other major injury. We checked her bones, joints, and head. She had a nice size contusion. No permanent damage.

She cried for about 30 minutes. She whimpered for another 30. But during that time period. I held her tight--because I love her and she’s my daughter. She’s precious to me.

Intermittently through the sobs you could hear her pleading, “Daddy hold me! Hold me!” I was holding her tightly. Chinese finger trap tight. But she wanted more nearness.

We need more child-like faith. We need to understand when we suffer our Father is there holding us. His Son already suffered for us to draw us near. We are his precious children; so “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32).

As Britt so wonderfully encouraged us: Stop asking why and start resting in the who. For one day the kingdom will be ours fully and he will make all sad things come untrue, as the saying goes.

God, draw near to us. Wrap your arms around us. Enclose us with the love purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. Abba Father! Draw near to us today.