Britt Merrick, “When Sparrows Fall” (A Testimony of God’s Nearness through Suffering and Death)

I’ve been following the Merrick families suffering. You can read through their daughter Daisy’s (8 years old)  story here. The short version is that she was diagnosed with cancer four times and recently left to be with Jesus. Britt Merrick recently returned to the pulpit for his first sermon--where he testifies to the grace of God through their families suffering and loss.

I’m not naive enough to think there may not be other families out there struggling through suffering or death. I would urge you to listen to Britt testify “When Sparrows Fall.” He points us to the promise of Scripture, “the Father is with you. And that’s enough”

[vimeo w=625&h=351]
Britt Merrick | When Sparrows Fall from Reality on Vimeo.