Review: Joni & Ken by Ken & Joni Eareckson Tada

4 out of 5 Stars
Author: Ken & Joni Eareckson Tada with Larry Libby
Publisher: Zondervan
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Reading Level: Liesure

I’m familiar with Joni Eareckson Tada from the first talk I ever heard her give at the 2005 National Desiring God Conference, “Suffering for the Sake...” Honestly the emphasis on hope in God has never left me to this day. I meditate on that idea as I struggle with living life in a fallen world. But besides knowing she was a quadriplegic, I knew hardly anything about her story.

Joni & Ken tells a story of “bruised heart[s]” (p. 9), sin, suffering, and trusting in God’s providence (pp. 96, 101, 134, 156). It specifically follows the ups and downs of the Tada’s marriage. As anyone who is married can tell you it’s tough. Sinners make a mess.

That’s what makes the love story in this book worth thinking about.

It isn’t some sweet, shallow love song, but it has music with deeper roots and a more celestial melody than most of us could imagine. There are no artificial ingredients in this account, with a union movie orchestra playing strings in the background. It is authentic life, complete with disappointments, pain, disillusionment, struggle, tenacious faith . . . and what you might call a surprise ending. (pp. 11-12)

They don’t pull punches when describing the difficult times of their marriage. How the disability plus unmanageable pain plus cancer took its toll on their marriage but eventually drove them to Christ who restored their faith and marriage. That’s the strength of this book. It’s complete focus on Jesus Christ.

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