All of it is ours! This is ours!

In Orphan Justice (pp. 193-94) Johnny Carr describes bringing his daughter home from China

Twenty-seven hours after leaving China with our new daughter Xiaoli, we finally pulled into our driveway. After weeks of meetings, paperwork, hotels, and airplanes, home sweet home was like a dream come true, particularly for Xiaoli, who had no concept of a home other than her crowded orphanage.

James rushed inside ahead of us and made a beeline to Xiaoli’s bedroom, dragging her in tow. In his broken deaf speech, he screamed and shouted to his new little sister, “Yours! This yours! This yours!” Pulling Xiaoli’s shoes out of the closet one by one, James set them carefully in front of her, signing and shouting “Yours!” all the while. Jerking open her dresser, he began to pile the clothes around her in mounds, still screaming “Yours!” at the top of his lungs.

It was quite a sight. Xiaoli was sitting there bewildered—surrounded by shoes, clothes, teddy bears, and toys. Meanwhile, James was dancing around her room with the sheer joy of a man who’d just discovered gold. In that moment, James saw something that the rest of us missed. While Beth and I were preoccupied with unloading the car and getting dinner on the table, this little boy understood the radical change that was taking place in Xiaoli’s life.

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This scene moved me. First, because James was onto something. Xiaoli was transformed in that moment from orphan to daughter. From being alone to being part of a family. James understood this because he had experienced this drastic transformation. His response was natural and full of unbridled joy.

If that kind of joy is appropriate for the transformation of our temporal relationships, how much more should we rejoice when we are transformed from death to life spiritually. From exiles, slaves, and rebels to sons, daughters, and heirs in Christ. Imagine the Spirit walking us through the promises of the gospel shouting “Yours! This is yours! This is yours!” We often lose sight of the blessings we posses as sons and daughters of God. But we must not.

Adoption. This is ours!
Justification. This is ours!
Sanctification. This is ours!
Glorification. This is ours!
Regeneration. This is ours!
Life and freedom in Christ. This is ours!
Union with Christ. This is ours!

The love of the Father. This is ours!
The power of the Spirit. This is ours!
All of it is ours! This is ours! This is ours!
Dance with joy. Shout for gladness. At the top of your lungs cry out “Ours in Christ!”