Are You A Spiritual Sluggard?

This I dare to be bold to say, no greater shame can befall a man, than to see that he hath fooled away his soul, and sinned away eternal life. And I am sure this is the next (most direct) way to do it; namely, to be slothful; slothful, I say, in the work of salvation ... If you would know a sluggard in the things of heaven, compare him with one that is slothful in the things of this world.

As 1. He that is slothful is loth to set about the work he should follow: so is he that is slothful for heaven.

2. He that is slothful is one that is willing to make delays: so is he that is slothful for heaven.

3. He that is a sluggard, any small matter that cometh in between, he will make it a sufficient excuse to keep him off from plying his work: so it is also with him that is slothful for heaven.

4. He that is slothful doth his work by the halves; and so it is in him that is slothful for heaven ...

5. They that are slothful, do usually lose the season in which things are to be done: and thus it is also with them that are slothful for heaven, they miss the season of grace.

And therefore, 6. They that are slothful have seldom or never good fruit; so also it will be with the soul-sluggard.

7. They that are slothful they are chid (rebuked) for the same: so also will Christ deal with those that are not active for him ...

Arise man, be slothful no longer; set foot, and heart, and all into the way of God, and run, the crown is at the end of the race; there also standeth the loving forerunner, even Jesus, who hath prepared heavenly provision to make thy soul welcome, and he will give it thee with a more willing heart than ever thou canst desire it of him ...

I wish our souls may meet with comfort at the journey’s end.

John Bunyan quoted by J.I. Packer. Puritan Portraits (Kindle Locations 838-852). Christian Focus Publications Ltd.. (paragraphing & bold mine)