A Method of Execution

When Christians call believers and unbelievers to the foot of the cross, there’s often this misperception that you have to tidy up before you come. You have to put on a facade. Goodness forbid anyone else but especially God see you for who you are, right?

You don’t want him to see your stained ragged clothes. You don’t want him to see the self-inflected cuttings on your wrists. You don’t want him to see the tears in your eyes. However, there’s something you’re missing. Something important indeed.

We are not coming to our grandmother’s out-of-date sitting room covered in plastic. We are coming to the foot of a cross. That piece of wood is a method of execution. Anyone who died on a tree, according to the Law, was cursed. You are coming to the foot of a cross that stinks like death and bodily fluid. People died naked and ashamed there. And that friends is where our Savior died for those who believe.

Not only should you not worry about covering up your filth at this cross, you would look positively silly sitting prim and proper at its base. Therefore, for those who don’t believe already put your fears, worries, and shame aside and meet the King killed on a cross for all who would come.

For those who already have believed return to the cross. Your robes have already been washed white with the blood of the One who was slain. Have no fear. Your worries, doubts, shame, and sin have already been paid so why fear laying anything in this place. At the foot of a method of execution. At the feet of our King killed and risen again.