A Dozen Blogs I Loved in 2012

Here are a dozen of my favorite blogs in 2012, in no particular order. Some are old. Some are new. And some are just right.

  1. Bearded Gospel Men - Joe Thorn was the visionary who started this. Some of the new one try too hard but still some hilarious memes.
  2. Challies - I count on his daily wrap ups to point me to other interesting articles and cheap Kindle books.
  3. Christ and Pop Culture - for all things related to culture and Christianity.
  4. David Murray - balanced and pastoral approach to everything.
  5. The Orange - “Freshly Squeezed Collection of Internet Goodies” is their motto and they deliver.
  6. Gospel Driven Church - gospel goodness.
  7. Reformed African American Netwok (RAAN) Blog - a blog with a multi-ethnic mindset.
  8. Reformation 21 - one word: Trueman.
  9. The Old Guys - great source for quotations from your favorite dead theologians.
  10. Sayable - Engaging. Story-drive. Gospel-rich.
  11. Blog and Mablog - you’ll cringe, smile, laugh, and nod all in one sitting.
  12. Together for Adoption - pointing you to the beauty of adoption.
Honorable Mentions: The Cripplegate, Justin Taylor’s Between Two Worlds, Thabiti Anyabwile’s Pure Church, Nate Claiborne’s Marturo & Scott Bennett’s Moving Bus Meditations