Celebrating the Arrival: Wonderful Counselor | Part 2

Celebrating the Arrival: God with us Part 1

The word wonderful is a translation of the Hebrew word pele' (פלא). It is commonly used to set something off from the ordinary like a miracle. Jesus is our miraculous counselor. Just meditating on the circumstances of Jesus birth, life, death, resurrection, and its subsequent accomplishments would undeniably lead us to miraculous! wonderful! However, it’s not the facts only that are miraculous. Jesus himself is our Wonderful Counselor.

You need only look at your own story to understand the wonderful news proclaimed by this name. Jesus does a miraculous work as a counselor for us. He’s not the kind of counselor that will ask you to lie down on his couch and then listen to you share your suffering only to nod and smile offering surface solutions.

As the weak, poor, hurt, and abused come to him with their sinfulness and shame (both brought upon from their sin and the sin of others), Jesus gazes upon on us with loving eyes and speaks these miraculous words, “Come unto me all those who weary laden and I will give you rest.” And like the Grinch whose “small heart grew three sizes that day!” our hearts recognize the voice of the one who formed it and it miraculously shed it’s stoney property and is shaped into a heart of flesh.

As you celebrate the wonderful news proclaimed by the arrival of Christ don’t fail to meditate on the sinfulness of your sin and the deep hurt in your heart and then soak in the glory of Jesus as your wonderful counselor--the work that he has done and will continue to do in your heart.