Review: I AM... by Iain D. Campbell

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Iain D. Campbell
Publisher: EP Books
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Reading Level: Easy
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I unequivocally urge you to buy I AM... Exploring the ‘I am’ sayings of John’s Gospel, read it, and meditate on it. Campbell examines the seven I am statements found in John’s gospel.

He surgically explores each passage. You will not find a book that digs out so much rich theological truth and yet makes it infinitely applicably. For those who complain that doctrine is dry, I provide you with exhibit A to the opposite. Campbell demonstrates convincingly that doctrine is anything but dry. It transforms every part of our life. For instance he says,

It is not use standing side by side with another sinner, not even a religious sinner, or someone in the church, not even with a minister, or elder, or deacon, or any office-bearer. To see what you really are in your own heart, you need to stand next to Jesus (p. 37)

or later

The Lord’s Supper is for those who can say, ‘He has made with me an everlasting covenant,’ for those who know that there is nothing they can bring before God for their salvation--it is not their righteousness or good works that saves them, but only the blood of the everlasting covenant. . . . The father of the prodigal doesn’t ask him to account for the money he gave him, doesn’t ask for receipts or explanations--he just welcomes him back. Jesus does the same. He is the way. This is the essence of the covenant: we have come back to God. (pp. 101-03)

I AM...  would be a invaluable discipleship tool. Piercing, gospel rich, and teeming with practical insights. Each chapter ends with questions for application which would make it even more user-friendly. Don’t skip out on this one.  It’s 120+ pages of gospel truth. A great way to introduce a non-reader friend or family to deep theological truth without an intimidating them with something like Calvin’s Institutes.

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