Review: Christ Our Mediator by C. J. Mahaney

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: C. J. Mahaney
Publisher: Multnomah
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Reading Level: Leisure

It’s a shame I didn’t read this earlier. It’s jammed packed full of gospel truth. C. J. has a way of unpacking truth and deftly applying it to the human condition. Says Mahaney,

And this is how serious it gets: In our arrogance, we invest our feelings (or lack thereof) with final authority rather than recognize that our emotions are unstable and unreliable, often hopelessly controlled by selfish pride, and riddled with lies--lies that “feel” like the truth.

I’ve watched people yield to such lies repeatedly. It’s a frightening experience to sit with individuals who actually insist that what they feel is ultimately more authoritative to them than what’s written clearly in Scripture. They even somehow assume God is sympathetic to this attitude. But He is not. He would, in fact, identify it as the height of prideful arrogance--and God is unalterably opposed to the proud. (Kindle Location 225 of 989)

I also enjoyed the prayers he ends each chapter with. The intense application with the prayers moved my heart towards worship of God as I was reading. Stylistically there’s also a wonderful pastoral quality. For instance, he uplifts and encourages the reader,

[Y]ou and I have never been, and will never be, abandoned by God. I know sometimes it feels that He’s abandoned us; I’ve felt that way. But those are deceptive feelings, because the One who drank this cup says to you and me, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” We may occasionally feel alone, but we never truly are alone. (Kindle Location 841 of 989)

I urge you to read Christ Our Mediator. You won’t find a more concise, more impactful presentation of Christ’s work for us.

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