Discipling Our Children through Gospel-Informed Discipline: Gospel-Centered Discipline | Part 4

Gospel-Centered Discipline

We must make discipline less about us and more about God. We must create an atmosphere in our homes where the gospel informs all of life--allowing the covenant love and faithfulness of God to impact the way we love our children. So that when that moment comes when our children disobey--the gospel is in the forefront of our mind and our children’s. So that we’ve already established our love for them which empowers us to approach them calmly and places our discipline in the context of all the gospeling we’ve already done.

It turns a potential powder keg for resentment and anger into a discipleship opportunity. An opportunity to share the gospel with our children instructing them through the discipline. And hopefully as they grow older, mature, and place their faith in Christ (if they haven’t already). These times will be a positive experience--which provides you leverage to speak the gospel into their lives as they have more difficult circumstances and life choices to make.

If we fail to disciple our children through gospel-centered discipline. If we do provoke them to anger, they will look back at these times of discipline with resentment and anger. They will distrust us and we may not have the opportunity or leverage to speak into their lives later. Don’t lose hope--it’s never too late. You can start discipling them now by asking for their forgiveness and then demonstrating how the gospel has and will impact your relationship with them moving forward. Don’t miss out on the joy of sharing the gospel with your children. The great commission starts in our homes.

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