Review: Reading the Gospels Wisely by Jonathan T. Pennington

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Jonathan T. Pennington
Publisher: Baker Academic
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Reading Level: Moderate

I cannot count the numbers of time that I hear that those who believe in the inerrancy of Scripture don’t interpret Scripture in light of each books’s genre, authorial intent, or cultural background. Pennington provides a scholarly yet humble approach in answering these questions.

He demonstrates quite the opposite--when we understand Scripture and, in this instance, the Gospels as the very words of God without error we must treat them with reverence for what they are. Fundamentally, he is asking how we can do this while reading the Gospels well.

He thorough examines all sides of the Gospels. In Part 1, he struggles to understand the very nature of the Gospels and why they are important. He also looks at the history of the text and lays a foundation for reading the Gospels well.

As a lover of good literature I especially enjoyed his treatment of the Gospels as stories. Much of the Old Testament would benefit from this kind of careful reading. We often miss so much in Scripture because we fail fundamentally at understanding the development of the gospel as story.

You will find a more careful analysis of the topic at hand. I heartily recommend Pennington’s work. The Gospels must not be neglected and often they are. Or they are so poorly preached and read that they have lost their thrust. We have in our hands the story of our Lord Jesus Christ’s time on earth. We should carefully and lovingly read and enjoy these stories and let that story change the way we live for him in the now.

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