Discipling Our Children through Gospel-Informed Discipline: Discipline is Tough | Part 1

Discipline is Tough

My oldest daughter is made in her father’s image. She has my personality--good and bad. Maybe that’s why I get frustrated so easily with her. My knee jerk reaction is to respond swiftly and often in anger. So much of what frustrates me is more about my own hurt pride than anything else. We’ve all been in the store where the child is screaming--whether it’s your child or not. It’s easy as a parent to grit your teeth and smile and saying something like “When we get home, you’re gonna get it!” and rush out of the store.

However, it’s much harder but much more beneficial for parents and children to patiently and loving discipline while using that as opportunity to share the gospel with our children. What’s even more important is what we do in the days and weeks and months leading up to these incidents. Those moments will impact our response and the discipline we give out.

I don’t have all the answers for disciplining your children but the gospel empowers us to patiently and loving use those moments and informs how we must disciple our children in those moments.

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