A Letter to Myself

Dear Younger Me,

If you could see yourself now you’d be slack-jawed. At many points in our life I wasn’t sure you’d make it. And if you did make it I thought for sure it would be in the midst of a ruined life. As a matter of fact, some people told you that the consequences of your sinful choices was a life “on the shelf.” You know Moses wasn’t used after he disobeyed God?

That’s hogwash by the way. God only uses crooked sticks. 

I would urge you--consider your life and doctrine. You are now a child of God. You are now an heir of the Eternal God, but you didn’t come quietly. You fought against God Almighty, but your arms were too short. His love clothed you.

But it’s better to kiss the son than to continue in rebellion. Thank God for the grace and mercy which intersected your life. That changed your stony heart and gave you a heart of flesh.

But oh how I wish you would’ve sooner approached the cross of Christ. He is terrible and beautiful.

If we could meet I would urge you to turn from your sin today and run to Christ. I would sit you down and tell you of the joy of Christ. I would tell you of the dreadfulness of sin. Oh sin is fruitful for a season but it rots the root even while still bearing fruit temporarily.

But you don’t have to waste your time with passing pleasures. You can drink fully from the wells which don’t run dry. In that well you can drink and not thirst again. You can find joy forevermore.

You have a wife and two beautiful daughters now. You have the riches of God in Christ. So maybe I should say a word to myself? Don’t let go of the promises of God. The same Spirit which changed you can change the hearts of your children. The same Spirit which redeemed you will keep you until the resurrection.

Best Wishes,