Book Review: God in Our Midst by Daniel Hyde

5 out of 5 Stars
Author: Daniel R. Hyde
Publisher: Reformation Trust
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Reading Level: Easy

I’ve hit a book hot streak. I loved God in Our Midst. Hyde provides an exposition of Exodus 25-40 looking specifically at passages relevant to the tabernacle. He skillfully demonstrates how preachers should explain tough Old Testament passages in light of Christ.

My wife and I just finished reading Exodus together a few weeks ago and I tried my best to direct our thoughts to Christ but I will gladly admit that my efforts felt inadequate and feeble. I will also gladly admit that Hyde served me so well in opening my eyes to a method which was faithful to the text and violently Christ-focused. This passage sums up the tone of God in Our Midst, “The tabernacle was God’s drawing to His people then; now we have this image in flesh and blood--Jesus Christ” (p. 55).

Each chapter takes an item or topic from the tabernacle unpacking the main ideas from each passage. For instance, when discussing the ark of the covenant, Hyde says,

In ancient practice, a copy of such a treat [the ten commandments] was placed in the sacred place of the lesser kingdom that offered itself in obedience to the greater kingdom. In Israel, the astounding truth was that both copies were kept at the Lord’s feet in the ark, testifying that the Lord would be the covenant-keeper in His relationship with Israel. He entered a covenant with them on the basis of His grace (Deut. 7:6-8). He would keep them in that covenant on the basis of His grace (Jer. 31:3). (p. 59)

He goes on to describe the lid of the ark of the covenant in detail as the place of propitiation. He later describes the fire on the altar which never was supposed to go out. He reminds us that the fire was started by God when the tabernacle was consecrated and “was a picture of God Himself as a ‘consuming fire’ (Heb. 12:28) (p. 104). These passages are a just a taste of the encouraging and gospel-saturated exposition in God in Our Midst.

I would encourage everyone to go pick up a copy. The Old Testament has collected quite a bit of dust on a lot of our Bibles. Let’s be honest--it’s hard to understand and often complicated. There’s even a wider cultural divide than from Jesus’s time. A lot of preaching I’ve heard from the Old Testament has been confusing at best and poorly exegeted at worst. However, Hyde’s example will serve both those seeking to gain a better understanding of the Old Testament and pastors seeking to preach the Old Testament. Finally, if you’re not savvy to Reformation Trust you’re missing out. They’re quietly publishing some of the best books.

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