Gospel-Saturated Family Discipleship: A Gospel Foundation | Part 3

A Gospel Foundation

Now how do we accomplish this in the real world of work, children, marriage, and church?

Paul’s gospel saturated admonition in Philippians 2:3-9 has transformed the way I lead and helped create a gospel culture in our home. Read it through slowly and then come back.

First, Paul contrasts self-ambition with gospel sacrifice (vv. 2-3). Before he hears the groans about the impossibility of living out the truth of the gospel, Paul cuts the legs out from underneath that argument. The same gospel power which compelled Christ to die on the cross is now ours (“which is yours in Christ” [v. 5]). He matter of factly states, “This mindset is yours in Christ.” We are a new creation.

The Spirit taught me two principles in this passage. First, as a father and husband I must model humility, and as a sinner that is most aptly seen in the way I repent of my sins in front of my family.

Do I bristle if my wife or even kids tell me how my unkind word hurt them?

Am I too proud to admit my parenting failures to my daughters?

Second, (and this goes hand in hand) how will I respond when people graciously ask for my forgiveness? Will I make them pay? Or will I graciously forgive even as Christ graciously forgave me?

It’s easy when interacting with other sinners in such close quarters to make someone wait a few hours before you forgive them, but is that the mind that’s ours in Christ? Is that his example demonstrated in the gospel? Thankfully, the answer is no.

I will continue this series on Wednesday through the month of September.