Book Review: frameworks by Eric Larson

4 out of 5 Stars
Author: Eric Larson
Publisher: Frameworks Resources
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Reading Level: Leisure

The first thing I noticed when I received frameworks was how wonderfully made it was. The cover had a different texture than most books. The page layout was beautiful. Tons of white space for marginalia. It’s definitely a book you will want to own in print. Larson offers a New Testament survey for everyman. If you’ve wanted to dig deeper into the New Testament’s history and theology. If you’ve ever asked questions about who wrote what, how do we know what, or what’s the big picture than frameworks will serve you well.

There’s actually no shortage of New Testament surveys and a lot of them are very good. What makes frameworks unique is the style of writing. It’s written for the everyman who may work a nine to five and doesn’t read frequently or just doesn’t have the background required to dig into a more theological advanced survey with all the standard jargon. If you’ve contemplated offering a New Testament survey class for your church members who want more theological background and depth than you should consider frameworks. Also, if you purchase frameworks and it serves you well. Larson is also working on a survey for the Old Testament.

I really enjoyed the approachable tone throughout and part of that was the way Larson made application for the big picture theology of the book at the end of each chapter. It helps place the chapter in focus and prevents us from seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake and instead seek knowledge for knowing God and growing in grace.

My only complaint is a little nit-picky. I’m not sure organizing the themes of the Gospels around the creatures of Revelations is necessary. The interpretation while plausible doesn’t appear popular from my initial research (I had never heard of it until reading frameworks) and in a New Testament survey you want to provide a foundation and general consensus. The themes he chose were ones you find in almost any survey so the connection with the creatures in Revelation was unnecessary. Again nit-picky but there wasn’t much else I could find fault with. That’s a good thing.

I participated in the frameworks book tour. You can discover other reviews of the book here. A free copy of this book was provided by Frameworks Resources. If you plan on purchasing frameworks, consider supporting Grace for Sinners by purchasing from Amazon.