Calvinism on Fire: Fundamentally Trinitarian

Previously I discussed the reasons for this series on Calvinism on Fire and argued that Calvinism changes culture, tilts world-views, & burns uncontrollably for the cause of Christ. Now I will argue this is true in ten ways. So keep your seat belts on and tray tables in the upright position.

#1 A Passion for God’s Glory
#2 The Gospel: 1st Importance
#3 Feed My Sheep
#4 The Original Fightin’ Fundies
#5 Evangelistic Fervor

#6 Violently Pursing Holiness

#7 Humility: Our Mind in Christ

Reformed theology is fundamentally trinitarian. Granted all streams of “Christianity” (used loosely to include Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox) are trinitarian. But I would argue that many branches are inconsistent, whereas reformed theology is intentionally trinitarian.

I’m not focusing on the negative views here but for an example of the kind of trinitarian deficiencies check out Chapter Seventeen “‘Kingdom Through Covenant’: Some Theological Implications” in Kingdom through Covenant. One of the major headings for that chapter deals with Christology and the deficiencies of viewing the atonement as indiscriminate in reference to Christ’s high priestly work (pp. 656-683). 

In positive terms, reformed folk view the plan of God throughout history as organically trinitarian. The Father, Son, and Spirit have agreed together in eternity past to save sinners. The Father sends the Son and the Spirit. The Father gives his Son his bride. The Son agrees to come and save these sinners. He agrees to serve and die for them. The Spirit agrees to draw them and quicken them. He agrees to transform them into the image of Christ from one degree of glory to another. Each member of the godhead succeeds at his mission.

So much more could be said about the depth of the communion within the Trinity and how that works itself out in the lives of those who believe but there wouldn’t be enough paper in the world to write that book. So much more could be said about the way the covenant of grace is fulfilled and the way each member of the godhead works in that covenant but words fall short.

The life-blood of reformed theology is God as Trinity.