Birds, Bees, and the Bible: Frank Talk about Sex with Our Kids

All parents struggle with when and how to have the talk with their children. For the longest time I have. Two scenarios plagued my dreams. The first scenario. We’re downtown spending quality family time together then some angry drunk stumbles by cursing and preaching his gospel of belligerence. My children hear words I’m embarrassed to say and ask me “What does @#$%$ mean?” The second scenario. My child reaches school age. She comes back from school and explains the sex ed she got from the little pagan who’s in her class.

The questions are How soon is too soon? and How much is too much? I have a simple solution to these problems. The Bible.

Think about this for one second. Let’s say you read through the first five books of the Bible with your children. Consider the wide variety of sin encountered: adultery, homosexuality, incest, lying, cheating, & many more. Could there be a better way to introduce our children to these topics than Scripture?

Scripture is God’s word which guarantees that the dose is right and it allows us to talk about the sin within the larger narrative of Jesus and the gospel. These sins are never presented positively and never gratuitously. It provides the right shot of anti-venom to the snake bite.

So when the little pagan starts sharing his family values and your kid hears it won’t catch them by surprise. They might respond something like, “I’ve read about people who have sex outside of marriage. That’s a result of the fall and our disobedience to God. But do you know what Jesus came to destroy the power of sin and cover our sins.”

Parents, this shot of anti-venom only works if you give it to your kids. That means faithfully reading Scripture with your kids. It doesn’t have to be much. Start when they are young and slowly read through the Bible with them. Just a few quick tips to end:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Make Jesus the Hero
  3. Apply the Gospel
  4. Ask Questions; Start a Discussion (use Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation)
  5. Don’t be shy (speak frankly about sin and even more boldly about the gospel)
  6. Don’t make sex dirty