Book Review: Revelation for Everyone by N. T. Wright

4 out of 5 Stars
Publisher: Westminster / John Knox
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Reading Level: Easy

I saw Revelation for Everyone was available for review and immediately requested the book partly because my own religious history is closely intertwined with dispensational theology and although I have rejected that I’m still working through my own views on eschatology.

It’s often been said that Revelation is one of the most difficult books to interpret. I have heard more than one preacher say he has shied away from preaching through the entire book. Most sermon series on Revelation either focus on chapters one through four or nineteen to the end.

What was clearly evident after reading Revelation for Everyone is that N. T. Wright is a really smart guy. He writes so lucidly and concisely. You could give this book to almost any Christian, at any level of her Christian walk and I dare say she would not find it confusing or difficult to consume.

Wright walks us through the entire book of Revelation--no verses left behind. But this is not your normal commentary where you see a lot of the exegetical pipe work. The commentary flows like a good novel. Like your reading a story about Jesus and kingdom work here on earth. This flow permits John’s vision to shine. It is a story with a hero, a dragon, and maiden in distress. Except at the end of this story there is no ominous feeling that the shadow may return. It has been completely consumed by the Lion.

Depending on your eschatological views, you may not see eye to eye with everything Wright says. He seems to be amillennial but even so there is a lot you can glean from Revelation for Everyone. Our church offers different discipleship courses through out the year ranging from Financial Peace University, Parenting, Manhood/Womanhood, etc. This book could be used with great benefit as a primer for new Christians on eschatology.

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