Dan Phillips: Cruciform Living

Every aspect of the Christian life, then, is cruciform, it is crossshaped. By the cross of Christ, we die to our old identities and lives as spiritually dead rebels (Matt. 16:24). By the cross of Christ we break finally and definitively from living for sin, from being alive to the power of Satan and the world, and from living with ourselves as our final reference point.

By the cross of Christ, we are dead to all of that—and in the resurrection of Christ, we come alive to God (Rom. 6). We are alive to His person and His will (2 Cor. 5:15). We are no longer our own, we have been bought with a price of inestimable value—therefore we are commanded to glorify God with our bodies (1 Cor. 6:19–20).

Phillips, Dan (2011-07-14). The World-Tilting Gospel (Kindle Locations 4199-4205). Kregel Publications. Kindle Edition.

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