Bibliophiles Wanted

Bibliophiles Wanted: Reviewer Needed

We recently added Lance Collins to the team here at Grace for Sinners (see Contributors for his bio). He’s doing reviews for us and will be contributing to our Attributes series which will look at God’s Attributes practically and devotionally. But alas we still need to add one more contributor to Grace for Sinners. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. Bibliophile wanted. We’ve started to receive commentaries and more in-depth studies like Bock’s A Theology of Luke and Acts and to fairly critique these more arduous books while looking at some of the newer books coming out, I need another person. I’m also interested in adding a monthly feature on a Christian classic. The pay is books.
  2. Deadlines. Our publishing is regular and so one of the basic criterion for participation outside of loving books is being OK with deadlines. Anti-authoritarians need not apply.
  3. Thinking Caps Required. You also have to be able to think about what you are reading through a Christian worldview and use discernment in deciding if what is being said is worthwhile, just meh, or spot on. Casual readers need not apply.
  4. Christian Living. It should go without saying but I’m looking for someone who is a member of a gospel-loving church and is in good standing with said church. Fence riders need not apply.
  5. Miscellanies.
    • Some writing experience is preferred but not necessary. If you have any samples include them in your email to me expressing interest in this position.
    •  Write a brief bio with picture (see above).
    • Tell me your field of interest or expertise.
    • You need some way to read ebooks (most are either PDF or for Kindle which can be read on a computer, ipad, kindle, etc).
    • Send me an email ASAP at GraceforSinners AT Me DOT com. I’m hoping to fill this position by middle of June at the latest. The sooner the better.

My goal is to expand the book reviews to eventually include books from all genres and to offer reviews from a Christian and reformed worldview highlight Christian themes, lessons on human nature, and the like.

Monthly Guest Posts

You can get involved here by submitting a guest post. Once a month I will select one guest post to be featured on the blog. Here is the criteria:

  1. Make theology practical. Take something you are learning right now and share it with others. Ask and answer questions about how the gospel applies to specific areas of Christian living.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. I’m looking for roughly 300-500 words. Give or take.*
  3. Write a brief bio. With your piece, send a brief bio of yourself and picture I can use to end your posts.
  4. Christian Living. It should go without saying but I’m looking for someone who is a member of a gospel-loving church and is in good standing with said church.
  5. Send it to my email. Don’t be shy. Just do it. OK I’m done with the cliches but you get the picture (sorry I couldn’t resist). But really send them and don’t be discourage if I don’t use yours. If it was close, I might respond with some pointers for next time but if I don’t keep um coming.

*Once you submit the piece, I may edit the piece for grammar, etc. Any major edits and I’ll send it back to you for final review.

Mathew Sims is an average Joe who works a 9 to 5 and blogs on the side. He is an editor and writer for Grace for Sinners. He lives in Simpsonville, SC and loves spending time with  his two daughters, Claire and Maddy, and wife of seven years, LeAnn. He has a BA in English/Creative Writing and attended Geneva Reformed Seminary for two years completing nearly 40 hours hours of an Mdiv program. He and his family serve and are members at Grace Church. He loves reading, writing, the outdoors, music, cooking, and is an Apple fan boy. You can find him on twitter @GraceforSinners and Facebook. Please email me with any questions or comment below.