Jonathan Dodson: Evangelism and Discpleship?

Discipleship is sharing the gospel to win people to Christ. Evangelists make disciples. Entire organizations and churches are subtly divided by these two approaches to discipleship. Some organizations focus on maturing Christians, whole other focus on making Christians. The former is about discipleship and the latter about evangelism. The evangelist proclaims the gospel to make converts, and the discipler teaches converts how to grow into disciples, hence the clarifying phrase, “evangelism and discipleship.” . . .This dichotomy surfaces a false view of the gospel, namely that the gospel has the power to save but not to sanctify. It assumes that the gospel functions like a space shuttle’s external fuel tank, failing away after the shuttle has launched us into God’s orbit. The gospel, however, is more like an internal engine, always propelling us into God’s presence. The gospel is necessary for getting right and doing right with God, for salvation and sanctification.

Dodson, Jonathan K. Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Wheaton, Il: Crossway, 2012. 28.

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